Gynaecology: Women’s Health

Beyond managing specific diseases and complaints, I see my role as assisting women to stay well and happy throughout their lives.

  • Care with hormonal status: Managing menopause and preventing osteoporosis.
  • Cancer prevention: Individual cancer risks vary and screening options can be discussed. Pap smears are an example of a basic cancer prevention strategy.
  • Holistic care: My background in medicine is broad, with clinical experience in a variety of disciplines. Female anatomy does not exist in isolation from other body systems and anatomy. Mental state has an important impact on physical well-being. I address such issues as diet, exercise, work-load and stress when the need arises.
  • Assistance with family planning: Including Mirena insertion.
  • Pregnancy planning: Including assessment for risk of congenital disease, fertility and dietary advice.
  • Finding appropriate experts: I have, over many years, developed a network of very good colleagues (specialised doctors and allied health professionals) who can be called upon to deal with specific problems beyond my specialty. Examples include endocrinologists, physiotherapists and dieticians.
  • Medico-legal reports and consulting: Occasionally well-established doctors are engaged to provide expert reports. I make myself available for this up to a maximum of 4 reports per year.