Your Obstetric Journey

First visit usually at 6 to 8 weeks gestation.

This involves taking a history and performing an ultrasound. Routine blood tests are ordered and screening options for conditions such as Down syndrome are discussed. Diet, work, exercise, and travel are covered as well as anything of concern.

I find that couples vary in the amount of information desired and also in the need for “forward planning”. I try to accommodate these individual needs.

A follow-up visit around 10 weeks may be desired.

2nd visit usually around 14 weeks gestation.

We discuss test results and any other questions you may have. At each visit, blood pressure and weight are measured and the baby checked (palpation and Doppler or grey-scale ultrasound are used).

3rd visit is at 20-21 weeks gestation. This follows a specialised scan at 19 weeks to check fetal development.

Visits then occur every 2 to 4 weeks until 36 weeks.

26 weeks a sugar test, for gestational diabetes, blood count and antibody test (the latter if you are Rh negative) are performed.

Ultrasound scans can be done in my rooms throughout your pregnancy.

We meet weekly from 36 weeks

37 weeks A vaginal swab and check of the cervix.

Labour 90% of women aiming for natural onset of labour will do so between 39 and 41 weeks.

Generally you are in hospital for 3 nights following a normal vaginal delivery or 5 nights following a Caesarean.

Your postnatal visit takes place about 6 weeks after delivery.


Antenatal Education the Mater runs very useful and comprehensive classes. Alternatively, time with a private midwife can be arranged.

Importantly, at all of the above appointments with me, there is time to discuss concerns and address general questions.

Paediatrician The Mater has a paediatrician on call all the time. A paediatrician will check your baby after delivery, usually in the first 24 hours. Of course, the paediatrician will provide whatever care is needed in unusual situations and will come in for a delivery if needed.

Midwives The Mater midwives provide excellent support. I rarely hear anything other than praise for the Mater team. They provide a very caring, kind and highly professional environment.